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3. Why pay more to use a U Haul or a one way truck rental long distance when we combine Loads .

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How to Save Money On Local Moving

Here are a number of suggestions that could save money, time and aggravation. All local moving is on an hourly basis, the more you do, the less the movers will have to do.

  • Prepare your home for moving day, tie back gates, screen doors, etc. Try to remember the problems you had moving in, so you can advise the movers.

  • The closer the van parks to your home, the less time the move will take. Sometimes parking your auto in front can reserve space.

  • If you live in an apartment with an elevator, talk to the manager about reserving it on moving day.

  • Gas ranges should be disconnected. Your appliance service man can provide this service.

  • Washing machines should be totally disconnected and reconnected by you or your service man. Take this opportunity to replace frayed hoses and fittings.

  • Carry back yard items to the front so they can be easily loaded on the van. Garden hoses should be coiled and coupled. This facilitates carrying and prevents leakage.

  • We have highly trained packers at your disposal, however the more you pack–the more you save. Our relocation specialist will be happy to discuss with you how much packing you can do yourself.

  • Use miscellaneous containers (plastic receptacles, etc.) for packing non-breakables. Dresser drawers can be left with clothes in place.

  • Small mirrors and pictures should be in cartons. large mirrors and pictures will place in the van covered with quilted furniture pads.

  • Wardrobes are provided by Grand River Moving Up to 3 are at no extra cost / additional wardrobes if necessary can be rented. These can be quickly packed and are much better than loading clothes in the back of your car.

  • Phonograph records should be packed straight up and not flat. Small lamps and lamp shades should be in cartons, large ones can be packed as is.

  • Know where your furniture is to be placed in your new home. it will cut time.

  • Check your homeowners insurance for coverage. it will be more economical.

  • How to Save Money on Long Distance Moving
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Two considerations come into play when you are being quoted for your long-distance move: the weight of your shipment and the distance involved between the two destinations. These charges are based on a rate tariff sheet that every company must use in charging you a long-distance transportation fee. The base rate, or your transportation fee, does not include any of the following: packing containers, packing and unpacking services, packing supplies, storage, full replacement liability insurance, hoists, or long-carries.

Since there is nothing you can do to change the mileage between your old home and new home, unless you move closer, the charge that will most impact your long-distance move will be the weight of your shipment. Here are some tips to reduce costs on your long-distance move:

  • Eliminate needless items. Every item adds to the weight of your shipment. Only take belongings that you really want to your new location.
  • Have a yard sale or garage sale. By selling things that you no longer need or use, you are making money, and saving money at the same time, by reducing the weight of your shipment.
  • Donate to charity. If your charity cannot pick up your belongings, have Good Ol Boys Moving drop it off for you.
  • Do your own packing and unpacking. While it is beneficial to have your belongings packed professionally to ensure their safety, packing yourself can save you money. Especially if you do it correctly. (for more extensive packing hints go to the packing moving section of the website)
  • Obtain your own packing materials. Although new, professional packing materials are best for ensuring the safety of your items, free boxes can be obtained from most supermarkets near your home. Make sure they are in good condition, and have tops on them so that they can be secured properly. If you do not have time to find your own boxes go to our packing page and there are several packages available when buying in bulk.
  • If you decide to pack yourself, start the packing process early. Most people have no idea how much energy and time packing themselves requires. If you start too late, you will end up paying in the end, either paying the movers, or having damaged items from not packing properly.
  • Mark all of your boxes in the room you will want them in at your new home. This will help you in the unpacking process.
  • Keep a travel box seperate from the other boxes. This will be all of the things you will need on the road as you are driving to your new home.
  • Plan out your itinerary. If you are driving your automobile to your new home, money can be saved on planning out hotel rooms ahead of time: especially through discounted websites. Knowing how far you have to drive that day, and having a bed waiting for you at the end, will make your trip more efficient and stress free.
  • Use travel discounts like AAA or CAA, on hotel rooms, maps, and other services.
  • Keep your Good Ol Boys Moving / paperwork and 1-77-4-my-move number with you at all times so that you can call us and check on the status of your shipment. You can call us from a payphone if you are in an area where your cell phone is not working. It is important that we have all of your contact numbers before you leave so that we can contact you at any time with any information regarding your shipment.

Why pay more using a Uhaul or a one way truck rental… instead consider Using Grand River and Countrywide Countrywide Van Lines

  • The larger the shipment the more potential to save money using a U Haul or one way type rental truck. In 90% of apartment moving cases / 70% of Townhomes and 50% of house moving you will save 10-50% when using  Countrywide Moving over that of using a one way rental truck.

  • You only usually save when completely filling up a large (24-26′ box) truck when usuing a U haul or a one way rental type of truck. As an example 80 % of one bedroom apartments cost $1600-2000 with Grand River Moving  / Countrywide Moving. If you compare this to a 14-17′ box one way truck rental Uhaul or other companies most with fuel costs come in around $2500 or higher. A local one way rental in toronto was charging $1560 + 105 for insurance plus extra fees for extra kms or approx $1850 for the basic rental …. add $550-650 (average for a cube truck to Vancouver for fuel) and you end up at $2500. And often you will find an extra day or two on the road. And what about your time. Do you have time to do this when going to a new Job?

  •  Why do people use these type of rentals and do all the hard work themselves… we simply do not have a clue. We think its just because its because of so many years in the past that do it yourself usually saves u money.

  • When we combine loads we charge less than Uhaul in most cases.

  • We do all the loading driving and unloading so move with us and save money and yes it will make moving a lot easier for you.

  • Call our office for details or submit your information above and we will inform you the right decision for your move is Grand River Moving and our Countrywide Moving System.

  • We offer free in home estimates…. We’ve seen too many times that a shipment will not fit in the size of truck rented and then the customers rent a trailer or hire a mover to move the rest and then your costs are even more.

  • We will do a free in home survey and tell you how many cubic feet you will need so if you still want to use a rental truck you are free to do so. We make this offer because we know when you consider the alternative to doing everything yourself you will choose Grand River Moving / Countrywide Van Lines

* FREE STORAGE OFFER (HOW IT WORKS)Simply Move Into Storage With Us and Move out as well. When you have 2 moves we offer Free Storage Brantford, Kitchener, Cambridge and Toronto Areas Only

  • 2 Weeks Free storage on Small to Medium Size Local Moves( When you use up to a 10X15 storage Locker ). 1 week free if your move is month end between the 25th and 1st of each month
  • 2 Weeks Free storage on Medium to Large Size Local Moves OCT- APRIL – 2 weeks free May-September ( 1 weeks free if your move is between the 25th and 1st of each month)
  • You can not combine this discount and the Multiple move discount.
  • Maximum discount is $250

Multiple Move Discount

(Cannot be used in conjunction with free storage offer) Receive a 5% discount when you have a situation when you need to have two or more moves – such as when two individuals move from two locations into a new one or you store your effects at your own storage site. Whatever the circumstance more than 1 move a year you recieve 5% off. Please note if we have already offered you are mid month discount this additional discount may not apply and it does not apply the last week of June July and August during prime time. Multiple move discount is min 8 hrs combined local moving. This discount cannot be combined with Free storage offer.


If you have moved with us and refer a freind your friend can receive 5% off there move for your referral. We give the discount to your friend not yourself because we want you to remain freinds with the person you referred. Cannot be combined with Free Storage Offer.