We Supply All sizes of Boxes ( Including specialty boxes such as wardrobes, Mirror Boxes, Lampshade Boxes)  – Packing Paper – Mattress Bags – Tape – Tape Guns – Moving Straps – Moving Dollies – Bubble Pack – Overseas wrap – Disposable Pads – Deluxe Moving Pad

$30 Delivery of all box orders over $100 in the KW Kitchener Cambridge Branford Guelph Areas? $45 delivery fee for under $100 order

Free Delivery for any Countrywide or Grand River Customer

Delivery Fees are higher more than 30 min from the above areas – just ask ….  1-866-533-3976

Box kits are available:  1 ) Special 30 – 2 cu ft boxes 10 lbs paper and 4 rolls tape $100 including taxes  2 ) 30 – 2 cu ft boxes, 10 4 cu ft boxes 25 lbs paper 6 rolls tape$ 150 including taxes  3) Full house package 40 – 2 cu ft boxes, 15 – 3 cu ft boxes, 10 – 4 cu ft boxes 5- 5 cu ft boxes 8 rolls tape 25 lbs paper $250 including taxes
Buy Boxes By the Bundle or individually! Save by the Bundle!1.5 cubic ft size box – excellent for books /tools and really anything heavy. 2.50 ea 10 or more $2.10 Bundle of 25 @1.99 ea or $49.75 per bundle2 cubic ft size box 12 1/4 x 15 x 18 Originally designed to be the right height to stand up a record this still is the standard for a small-medium size box. It will handle books and tools but works well for kitchen items, groceries or medium weight goods. 2.99 ea – 10 or more 2.75  Bundle of 25 is $65.00 or $2.60 each

4 cubic ft. size boxes. 18.5 x 18.5 x 24 A great carton for everything from Tupperware, small kitchen appliances, pots and pans to linens pillows and small to medium size pictures sporting goods Anything that isn’t too heavy but is a bit bulky. 3.99 ea – 10 or more is 3.65 ea Bundles of 20 are $65.00 or 3.25 ea.

5 cubic ft. size boxes 18.5 x 18.5 x 27 A great carton for bulky and or tall items like blankets pillows christmas wrap pictures up to 16 x 25 sporting or bulky articles. 4.50 each – 10 or more 4.05 ea Bundles of 20 are $75 or 3.75 each

Sizes may vary slightly by mancufacturer
1.5 and 2 cubic ft size boxes
4 or 5 cubic ft boxes
Wardrobe Closets are designed to be packed tight with all your best clothes. You can pack sweaters in 4 or 5 cubic ft boxes. Wardrobes will take items on hangers. You simply hang up in the wardrobe bar. $19.85 ea – 5 or more $18 ea Bundles of 5 are $89Mirror BoxesSmall 1 Piece mirror is Accepts pictures and painting up to 31 x 42 inches. You normally pack 2 large pictures or paintings back to back in these cartons. $7.99 each 5 or more $7.50 ea Bundles of 10 are $69.00

Large 2 piece Mirror Accepts largeer Pictures and paintings up to 42 x 63 inches. This carton is telescopic and tightens down on shorter pictures. Its smallest size is 31 x 42 and when it is tightened fully down on the second half it becomes a double walled box for more valuable art work. $11.99 ea 5 or more $11.25 each Bundles of 10 are $109

China Barrel Cartons are 5.8 cubic ft and are certainly a very large box / double walled. If you have packed before you will efficiently use these cartons for all your finer dishes and china. If you are not an expert we do recommend using smaller boxes as you must know how to pack in tiers within the box. $6.50 ea 5 or more $5.99 Bundles of 10 are $57

Dish Pack deviders. Divide out the box for added safety and security of your breakable items Used within the China Barrel Cartons $7.50 ea 5 or more 7.00 each or $35 per 5 pack

20x22x48-50″ tall Wardrobe Carton
Double Walled China Barrel Carton and Divided Dish Pack Sold Separately
Econo File Box: A great way to store and or pack your files in an organized fashion. Please note 2 cubic ft boxes are also the legal witdth of a file and are approx 25 % larger than a file box. File Boxes are much better than 2 cubic ft. for long term storage and stack and hold up better long term than do 1.5 or 2 cubic ft. boxes. Letter size files pack length ways Legal size files pack sideways. Approx 1.4 cu ft. $3.75 each or $22.50 for a 6 packDeluxe File Box: A more usualbe file box. Will hold up much better than the econo file box and often people use these more for temporary work use. $4.99 each or $27.50 for 610 lb. packing paper – Ink free ideal for packing dishes and china. Approx 100 sheets per box. $14.75 per box no multiple discounts.

25 lb. cello wrapped bundle of packing paper – Ink free ideal for packing dishes and breakables Approx 250 sheets per bundle $29

Bubble Pack by the box. 12″ wide by 150′ long. Protect your breakables. $35 per boxMattress Bags: Protect your mattresses from being soiled, when being moved or from dust when storing. Single size is $4 each Double size is $5.50 Queen Size is $7 Remember you need 2 for each bed.Deluxe Moving Pads. 72 x 72 inches square Very durable. $23 each or $189 for 10