Most of the time, the decision comes down to what the persons budget...

Most of the time, the decision comes down to what the persons budget will allow.

Here are a few aspects to consider regarding this issue and making your decision on the right course of action.

Re-keying and changing locks

Re-keying a lock involves changing the lock cylinder and using a new key to lock or unlock the door. The process of changing out the cylinder only takes a few minutes and then a new key is created.

Re-keying costs less money than installing brand new locks because you are only changing out the cylinder and not the entire lock itself.

Special hardware is required whenever you are re-keying your locks. It is bets to call in the specialist locksmiths instead of just any locksmith as damage to your locking system may be irreversible.

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Installing New Locks

Purchasing and installing new locks is your only alternative to re-keying them.

Although this is more costly than re-keying the lock cylinder, there is the advantage that just about anyone can change out their door locks, even with the slightest of DIY experience.

Typically, it only requires a screwdriver to change the locks out.

Additionally, the only cost involved with changing out the locks completely is the cost of the new assembly.

About the only disadvantage involved with changing locks versus re-keying them is the size and fit. If the housing of the new lock is smaller in diameter than the old lock, there may be an unpainted area exposed.

Reliable Locksmith and Quality Locks

Remember that the effectiveness of locks is graded. The higher the grade of the lock, the more difficult it is for an intruder to break into them and your home. Just make sure when you purchase new locks for your home that you don't make the mistake of replacing your current ones with a lower grade than what you have in place. Lower quality locking systems can jeopardize security of your family and property thus, it is best to use the best.

Additionally, if you need more information about locks, installation or repair, contact one of your available expert locksmiths to help you.

Most provide residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services including catering to emergencies 24/7.

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