Joining a lapidary club

Nothing beats the experience of bringing out the beauty hidden inside a rock. However, the high cost of lapidary equipment can keep many people from being able to enjoy this experience. Two solutions worth considering are - joining a local lapidary club and/or purchasing used lapidary equipment.

Joining a lapidary club has many benefits and a few downsides. By joining a lapidary club, depending on the quality of the club, you can have access to some high end lapidary equipment. You typically will not be personally responsible for maintaining the equipment and your only out of pocket expense will likely be your membership and shop fees. You also get to enjoy the social interaction and support you receive from the other members of the club.

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There can be drawbacks to club membership however. One such drawback is the time in which you will have access to the lapidary equipment. Most clubs will not provide 24/7 access so you will be at the mercy of the equipment schedule and the competition from other club members.

To avoid some of the pitfalls of joining a lapidary club, many are turning to the solution of purchasing their own used lapidary equipment.

Owning your own used lapidary equipment will give you the freedom to work on your own schedule. If you wake up in the middle of the night and want to practice your craft, you will not have any competition for using the equipment.

You also benefit from not having to haul all the material you're working on to a remote location to practice your craft. By owning used lapidary equipment you have the luxury of setting up your own work environment. You can organize your material and your work flow so that it works best for you.

If you're the kind of lapidary artist who would prefer to practice and create your art without the input from well meaning onlookers, then owning your own used lapidary equipment is a must. You get to enjoy the privacy afforded to you by your own home.

So, no longer should the high cost of new lapidary equipment keep you from enjoying this wonderful craft/art form. Two options have been presented in this article that can save you money and still allow you to participate in joy of lapidary. You get to choose which one best suites you.

If you're okay with having limited access to the tools you need then joining a lapidary club may be just the thing for you. If, on the other hand, you would like to have some control over your environment and have the freedom to work when you want and how you want, then you should consider used lapidary equipment.

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