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Spain conjurers up images of a romantic seaside or historic cities, and if that`s your thinking you're in great company. Twenty five percent of British people want to retire abroad, and Spain is their number one choice. What does Spain have, and why should you consider planning to retire in Spain? Well, for one thing, you can easily arrange your homeland pension to be deposited into your Spanish bank account.

Contact your county's Department of Work and Pensions for a pension forecast. Your DWP will help with your retirement in Spain. Your cost of living will be lower than other countries. You'll need to complete your E121 for health coverage in Spain. Your pension will go further in Spain than in the UK. Compared to the UK for example, food, drink, utility bills, and taxes are lower in Spain.

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A diverse land, Spain offers a lot of culture, velvety white beaches with skiing facilities in it's majestic mountains. Put all that together with one of the healthiest climates in the world, your choice is fairly easy. In the Costa Blanca region, the World Health Organization tells us that you will find the cleanest air in Europe. Spain offers mild, dry winters and year round sunshine on the Costas; Blanca, Calida, del Sole along with the region of Southern Spain. It's a very healthy climate in which to live if you're an asthma, arthritis, and rheumatism sufferers.

Spain's healthcare is ranked seventh best in the world. British pensioners are eligible for healthcare in Spain. If you are someone who is not eligible for Spanish health coverage, private health insurance is very economical. When you retire in Spain, you'll note the way of life is more relaxed and laid back than in other companies.

It's hard to get angry and stressed in a country when the sun always shines. You'll enjoy the camaraderie of happy, friendly Spaniards, and a terrific quality of life in your retirement. Spain is one of the best places to retire to because you can sunbathe in the winter and enjoy the sporting life or barbecue all year round.

Numerous international airports offer inexpensive flights in under three hours to the UK. As a rule immigrants tend to move into the larger cities. Some move to the Coastas. In either situation, there are many expatriate communities. If you get homesick you can socialize within those communities to feel better. Expats can be of assistance in warning you off poor real estate deals. Relocating to Spain offers retired citizens the opportunity to use their homeland dollar value when looking at real estate or simply shopping for the necessities of day-to-day living. That way you will still have money in the bank to live on during your retirement in Spain.

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